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    My father has owned a lawn service. My uncle's ex wife owns one, her daughters boyfriend owns one. My sisters boyfriend owns one. Geez.

    So my concern. My dad is out of the business & moved away when I was 15 to start a new business. Over the internet he's supported me.

    I called my customer to ask if he was still interested in getting a dump of topsoil, I found a good contact. My customer replies, "my neighbor got a dump, so I went out & asked the company if they could dump for me, they did it, & even spread it out"

    I said, "that's great! What company?"

    My customer then said it was *insert company name* & it hit me, that was my uncles ex wife's company, and she is now working in the same area!!!

    I don't know if I like it, she hates my uncle & has gone to court for the last 20 years with him, & would probably hate me also.

    Her company does my customers neighbors, & I really don't want her to steal mine. Or I don't want to have her customers switch to me, it makes me a tad worried.

    She gets into fights with her daughter, telling her to dump her boyfriend (who also owns a company). It's really odd.

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    You have a very entrepreneurial family! It's no wonder you have taken to all this so fast!

    All you can ever do is try to improve. Try to do things better. Try to stand out more. Try to be more personable. Try to achieve top of mind awareness and I think you can definitely do all these things.
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