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I need my old body back!

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  • I need my old body back!

    I need my old body back! One at least 40 years younger.

    I did a job today where I backpack sprayed 15,000 sq ft. I had 2 jobs so I sent Irving on the big one - 24,000 sq ft with the tow behind sprayer. Bad mistake! I hurt in places I didn't even know I had anymore. My left shoulder hurts from pumping, my arms and neck are sunburned, My legs are cramping up. It was 93F without a hint of a breeze.

    The 4 gallon tank doesn't seem to go as far as I remembered. My costs for material (Natures Magic) was about $1.50 per 1,000 sq. ft., I charged $15.00 per 1,000 and $12.00 per 1,000 for labor. That's a gross of about $25.50 per 1,000 or $382.50 ($54.65/hour). It took me 7 hours including travel. It took Irving 4 hours including travel to do the same spray job (152.50/hour). 9,000 more sq. ft. in about half the time.

    I'm looking for another tow behind sprayer. The reduces body pain will be worth the cost alone.


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    I hear you on the aches, I wish I was 20 years younger!

    Yesterday was market day where we sell our woodworking, runs 1/2 day, then I cleaned up one of the garages and organized everything, I had bought racks and storage units for another Cargo trailer but that is not going to happen this year as there isn't the work for mowing to add a second so I mounted them on the garage walls, lot's of room now.

    Anyhow I thought by Sunday I should be feeling excellent again...not, man I am still sore from helping the sod crew finish a job on Thursday.

    For a pull sprayer that works excellent for me, we have a 15 Gallon Brinly (spelling ??) in many ways I prefer it over our Femco pull sprayer and they do not cost near as much.

    I thought I would take the day off, being mothers day I thought people would be doing other things and I want to put a different mulching deck on one of the tractors to try out....not, booked six appointments yesterday for today, at least it's just driving around

    Have a great day!

    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      This makes me think, is there a limit to the size area you want to spray with a back pack sprayer? Or that you would recommend to others before going to a tow behind sprayer or some sorts?
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        Backpack spraying and projects

        I don't think I will do any area over 5,000 sq. ft. with a Backpack sprayer again (this doesn't mean I won't sell one, just that I would pass it on to a worker, some enclosed lots don't leave enough room to get a lawn tractor through the gate).

        Andy London (picframer) turned me on to Liquid Organic Lawn care. I have noticed that fewer people are looking for lawn mowing, but the market for lawn health, soil improvement, insect control, and environmentally safe methods are increasing. Homeowners and businesses want this service and many communities are starting to regulate the synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Children, pet and environmental safety concerns are becoming the public mantra.

        Concerns over getting new applicable equipment, application and follow-up make this service an easy sell.
        The liquid lawn health products meet all of the concerns listed. The Nature's Magic products are so effective you can see the difference almost overnight. Neighbors are impressed, they see visual In-Your-Face results that open the door for you to them. When you tell them how these results not only improve curb appeal but improve their soil, reduce watering needs, lawn disease control and all with products listed by the EPA and FDA as food stuffs (Save the Planet), sales are easy.

        Nematodes - control hundreds of lawn insects biologically. No dangerous chemicals or pesticides. Easy effective liquid application.

        Application of the above products is fairly easy and very profitable. They can even be applied when it is raining giving you rainy day jobs. And, when the economy improves and people want their lawns mowed again, you already have your foot in the door.



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          Yup you are right as we get older we seem to get more aches and pains in areas we didn't have before.

          Today I was doing some landscaping around the house, a little digging, pulling, weeding and trimming and I was surprised that the only ache I had was on my knees. I forgot to put on my knee pads when I was on the ground doing this work.

          I will say that for the many years of doing landscape it actually help me become more fit and stronger in my upper body and legs. Living down here in Florida during the summer makes a Man out of you. LOL

          We tend to see a lot of start up LCO start in April only to quit in July when it’s about 98* and the heat index makes it about 115* with no wind. I eat a lot of energy bars and drink Gatorade, but most importantly I stay hydrated with water. You can tell when you are at that point of fatigue and its time to chill in the A/C for a while.

          BTW- I'm only 43.

          My Motto “ Work easy not Hard”



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            Im thinking about giving Natures magic a try is it pretty easy to use and it really works that good ?


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              For a while it seemed to get pretty good reviews. I'd figure it couldn't hurt to try it out and maybe to a side by side comparison on one half of your lawn. Then leave the other side not treated.

              If it makes a big difference, it would be great for photos to help promote the service more, either in printed marketing material or on your website.
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                I looked into it and thought long and hard about it. I've used it before and it seemed to work out really well. Long story short:

                I know a guy who knew a guy that made the humic acid. We used it to breed fish, and it worked really well. The guy ended up selling his business and the humic acid to Natures Lawn. I had a few extra bottles laying around and used it on my lawn. Then I bought more of their products to try out.

                The products I got from them seemed to work well. But after doing a lot of research and crunching numbers, I felt there was no way customers would pay the prices I had figured out. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to get set up and put away your hose.

                Great stuff for homeowners, but not for us.


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                  That is very interesting! How does humic acid help lawns?
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