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  • We Need a Game!

    I was thinking about how funny & awesome a computer game would be for lawn mowing companies.

    I can just imagine the start, "choose your company name, character, vehicle"

    Then you can purchase, sell, & upgrade equipment. You can hire & fire crew, & relocate your business the further into the game you get, taking over the entire world.

    The game can have a time limit for certain parts, where you race to finish a customers lawn before it rains. The better the lawn is cut, the more points & money you receive. The more points you have, more & more customers will hire you.

    Then you can drive to the next house, while making sure your equipment doesn't bounce around, & once in awhile you will come across other companies who try to steal your equipment or damage your truck, lol.

    There can also be a hedge trimming/weeding/fall cleanup mini games every now & then.

    What is your take on this brilliant & silly idea? I believe it would make a great Flash game.

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    Your game sounds like fun

    There's also this game that was created


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      Ahhh why'd you show me that, now I'll be up all night.

      This is cool lol, thanks! You got rain where you are?


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        No rain here but it's cold and windy


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          Your game sounds like fun

          There's also this game that was created

          If I ever see you I'm going to kick your butt for showing me that!!

          So far my high score (after 2 rounds) is 20365......


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            hahaha, this game is great!

            Though I don't like the blower because I can only blow "left/right/up/down" and can't side step

            Overall it actually is a great learning tool, figuring out how to mow the most efficient way.

            I want more!