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    So I have been advertising my service on craigslist every 3 days, & I'm competing with another guy who seems to always post directly after me. So I came up with this;
    So your looking for a lawn service?

    Our ears at Breeze Lawn Service & Gutter Cleaning are open, & we are listening to what our customers have to say.

    Your looking for a cheap price, with superior quality?
    - Not a problem. We`re not in the business to get rich quick, we`re in the business to keep our customers satisfied.

    A profit is something that will come in time, & is not expected immediately.

    We have customers who work at supermarkets for minimum wage, & still go to school. It comes as no surprise that they are able to afford our service.

    If you still aren't interested, you are spending too much on lawn service.

    If you are interested, congratulations on taking the first step in saving your cash!
    (514) 895 - 5590
    Pierrefonds * Dollard des Ormeaux * Kirkland


    This already got me a few emails, I guess playing on what the customer wants to hear, works! Especially if you write with pushy confidence!

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    What I like about the concept is, you are a very real and original person who has no problem at all expressing himself. This comes out in your marketing. It's going to be tough for others to compete with you like this because most people can't come across like that.

    Most people hide behind many different facades but you just tell it how it is. That is one of your strength and good for you for playing it up!
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