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April Fools, the jokes on me!

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  • April Fools, the jokes on me!

    So I'm picking up my business cards at a store, the girlfriend calls & demands I come over! I make it home, eat, make my way to her place.

    I ring the doorbell & hear her say, "Who is it?" .. I responded, "Me?"

    She opens the door & I see her, her brother & friend with confetti spray canisters & they cover me from head to toe!

    I thought it was over...

    I go inside & her mother had made those awesome treats where you cover apples with caramel. So alright, They all grab one & I get offered one..

    We're all eating & suddenly I realized I've finished half my treat without eating any seeds or apple core... That's when I realized it was NOT an apple, and it was in fact, a POTATO!!!

    So her mom comes & says, "Awww Scott, here you go sweety have a real one, Lucy is so mean!" she hands me another one....

    I go ahead & start eating it, this one tastes a bit different, it's not sweet at all.. I'm trying to tell my girlfriend that I'm full so I don't break her heart and say it tastes awful... I asked for a drink to wash it down & felt really thirsty... That's when she said I just ate a ton of salt...


    ....... Later that night she through a fit, & whipped an apple at me because I didn't surprise her with anything or give a damn for the "holiday"... I'm not a big holiday guy lol

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    Breeze- I was wondering if you picked the apple she whizzed at you and started eating it and told her, hey at least I can eat this apple and know nothing is wrong with it. LOL- jking.


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      No I just stood there saying, "well.. is this another April fools prank? I really can't tell, what did I do wrong this time?"

      ... So I left her home before she ripped my head off.

      I guess eating a raw potato & a ton of salt makes me a horrible person, lol.


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        I don't know whay she got upset with you but those are pretty good april fools pranks she gotcha with. Heh, A potato for an apple.... Pretty cool.


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          You are a very good sport
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            So Funny!


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