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  • sweet!

    You gotta go to this web sit. It will inspire you.Amazingly cool!

    Get ya in the spirit!


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    oh ya watch the videos.


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      Great find!

      Unfortunately, the Holiday House will not be running this year (2007) as a couple neighbors have threatened legal action due to traffic congestion. This is sad news for all of us. Last year we raised more than $15,000 worth of canned goods for Food for Families, which will now be short this year. We are looking for a new location for 2008, preferably a large commercial location that can sustain the traffic for years to come. If you have any ideas, suggestions or would like to help sponsor the Holiday House, please contact us
      If I were a business owner in that area, I would jump on this! Can you imagine how much media attention it could bring you? The guy running this site should sell his decoration services. He could show how he clogged up the road with so much traffic! What a great spectacle.

      I think this kind of thing should be the goal of all lawn care business owners who want to offer holiday decoration services. You want to get your home to the point of being ridiculous and attract so much attention that your neighbors are threatening law suits. It's fantastic! It reminds me of the stories I read on the guy who created the Popeye's chicken franchise and how he did something similar at his house.

      Also, think about all the attention you could get from raising $15,000 in canned goods! That is another great holiday promotional idea. Do a canned good food drive!

      Mike, what made you think of this site? Are you going to be doing any holiday decorations?
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        that is this the same house that started that viral video on youtube?


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          I have done 5 houses already with 1 more to go.



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            Can you show us some pictures of what you did? Maybe you can offer some pricing advice for the readers based on the jobs you did. I am sure that would help everyone out a lot.
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