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20,000 members today!

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  • 20,000 members today!

    WOW! I just noticed we broke 20,000 members today. Holy crap HAHAHAHHA

    It's really neat to see that over the years we have been able to reach out and get that many to join up.

    Thanks to everyone for taking part!

    I think it might be fun to reflect for a moment. How has the forum effected you or your business?
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    Omg, I didn't realize this forum was so big, i'm sure there are bigger ones but I didn't think it was that small

    Anyways, congrats Gopher forum


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      Congrads on 20,000 members and may you have many, many more!!!

      The forums have helped collect from a deadbeat customer, has given me ideas and helpful information on quoting, software, and time management. I enjoy this site and am grateful that it was created.

      Keep up the good work! Amy


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        Congrats Steve on a very nice mark!

        The Gopher Forums over the years has connected me with hundreds of new people to share my ideas with (web/graphic design, landscape design, etc). It is a perfect place to talk and get honest answers from without people flaming or giving dumb answers. I have found that the forums are very mature and never digress...which is what I was always looking for (5 year member almost).

        Keep up the great work Steve!


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