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    I have a question regarding an account. Just today one of my customers said he was moving and asked me to give him a quote on the new lawn. The lawn is really big and should go for about $50. I told him how about $40 he said fine. At the back of his property is a giant garage that can store 6 cars. It is really nice it has a concrete floor its not heated but its nice. He asked me if maybe we could work out a deal for winter storage? Right now I was just going to leave my equipment in my garage and put my car in the backyard. Not ideal but storage around here is about $200 for a garage. My equipment is full insuranced. I live in the Cleveland OH area so we do get some pretty bad snow in the winter. I just want to see what other grasscutters think a good deal for both of us would be?


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    Well, if it were me, I'd like to keep my equipment as close as possible. When it's out of sight, anything can happen.

    What happens if it gets stolen?

    What happens if this guy moves or has his property foreclosed on and they take your equipment, thinking it is his.

    It doesn't sound like your back is to the wall right now with needing extra space.

    I would rather leave my car outside for the winter than do this.

    Anyone else have a thought on this?
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