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Landscaper running from the law! Watch

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  • Landscaper running from the law! Watch

    LOL this is a great video of a landscaper running from the law. I file this under, what were they thinking hahahhahaha
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    Do you watch TV at all?

    That wasnt a landscaper.. It was 2 theives running from the law. That happened along time ago.
    My reaction was "Poor mower"..Hopefully the owner had good insurance.

    Heres a question.. Who pays for something like that. A theif destroys a mower,trailer and a truck.. Does the owner pay for it? I know the theives to in 1 way or another. Insureance Im sure will pay for it, but then does his rates go up for something that wasnt his fault?

    Com'on buddy ya gotta catch up with us....

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