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    Okay, When should I start to distribute lawn care flyers during the off season?

    This question can be answered by any lawn care landscapers within New Jersey because that is where I am.

    I was thinking of doing it during February, but I just can't click on that. Don't feel that it is a right time because allot of businesses are nearing the end of the season and could be looking to keep their customers by asking them to stay aboard prior to the off season.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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    Will you be offering any fall services or winter services that you could hand out flyers for now to get your name out? That way you could potentially lock up spring customers now.
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      Of Course....

      Last year I put out flyers for leaf clean-ups and got 2 calls out of a possible didnt help any putting those flyers in the supermarkets such as was told to me by a friend of mine.

      I also would be doing gutter cleaning as well and residential snow removal. I have those flyers up and out for leaf clean-up, gutter cleaning and snow removal.

      My question was during the off season I wanted to blanket developements, but need to know of when I should start the flyer distribution process in order to pick up new customers before the new season begins.

      See, here in New Jersey; especially in Middlesex County there are a monopoly of Landscapers around this area. Most I would suppose try to get their current customers to agree to remain with them for next season. I want to try and get those customers to come to me for service and thats why I am asking about the flyer distribution.

      Leaf Clean-ups go well into December, we haven't really seen a good snow fall in some years...In fact, Allot of company's went out a couple of years ago and purchased snow removal equipment because the farmers almanac stated we were to get a decent snow fall.....WE WERE FOOLED!!!!

      Anyway, if anyone can give me some insight on when is a good time for those flyers without stepping on other company's toes...I would greatly be thankful.


      John / JerZey Style
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        I hope others jump in here but what I was thinking is you could always try and sell the customer on a budget contract plan for lawn care next year. Get them to sign up with you and pay the same low rate each month through out the year. Since it is spread out over 12 months, it is cheaper than paying it over, say 9 months.

        Here is some more information from another post.

        We are planning on going out to distribute flyers and meet personally with as many homeowner in prospectful areas as possible.

        Also am planning to put ads in papers end of Feb or first of March debending on our weather here (hopefully to get early spring clean ups and people thinking of yards).
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