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Professional Chainsaw Operation course

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  • Professional Chainsaw Operation course

    I am basically a newbie when it comes to a chainsaw. I can cut tiny trees smaller than a foot but I am not an expert.

    I am only 22 and I want to go try out this course.

    Professional Chainsaw Operation
    The participant will learn how to service and maintain a
    chainsaw and will understand the principles of basic safe
    chainsaw operation. The participant will also learn proper felling
    and delimbing techniques. The participant will demonstrate
    felling, delimbing and bucking techniques and sharpening and
    maintenance procedures.
    Module 1 Chainsaw Sharpening and Maintenance
    Module 2 Safe Chainsaw Handling
    Module 3 Felling and Delimbing Techniques
    Module 4 Field Practice

    I think those chainsaw newbies out there should look into this

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    Looks interesting...where is that being offered? Is it a standardized course or just a local thing?


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      Seems to be just a local thing

      Because I called last year and nobody knew what was going on

      I called again. Left a message with someone.. My called wasn't returned

      So this time, i'm making sure i'm getting my course that I want/really need


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        It is important for anyone who plans on using a chainsaw to be knowlegeable in using and maintaining a saw. I have seen some horrible accidents that could have been easily avoidable had someone used some common sense. Climbing too, it takes a lot of practice, and the right equipment to do it safely.

        I think you should definitely take the course and learn as much as you can before tackling the big trees. And when you get stuck and have a question, let me know.
        Northern California


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          Justin any updates on this yet? Did you get into the class? When is it?
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            Justin any updates on this yet? Did you get into the class? When is it?
            It says it's a 2 day course.

            I will fax my registration and I will see what happens from there

            Hopefully they will give this damn course, they changed the program of all the courses so I assume they are giving it. It's posted in the book and it's almost fall so yeah

            I'll keep ya guys posted


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