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Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder on Iconoclast

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  • Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder on Iconoclast

    I was going through the channels last night and I came upon a show on the Sundance channel called Iconoclast. This show takes two people from different worlds and pulls them together to talk about life and their interests.

    In this episode, it included Eddie Vedder & Laird Hamilton. Now I know Eddie as the lead singer of Pearl Jam. Great band and great singer. I didn't know Laird by name but he is a surfer or should I be more specific, a surfer's surfer. This guy is on top of his field. He has surfed waves as high as 70 ft tall! Think about that for a moment.

    See if you can even spot him in this wave.

    I mean this guy is talented! WOW.

    It was just so fascinating to see these two guys talk about surfing and life and hear their views.

    If you get this channel, check out the show, it's fantastic!

    Youtube has some excerpts from the hour long show but they just can't encapsulate it's greatness.

    I hope this is something you will find to be interesting, I surely was.

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