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  • George Carlin

    Did you all see George Carlin died?

    I thought maybe we could all share how he had affected us.

    The first thing that came to mind was that George never seemed to me so much a comedian as much as someone who reflected on our society and ask why? This all being done in an arena where we could laugh at ourselves.

    I think to me, what stands out most is his 7 words you can't say on television monologue.

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    He is one of my all time favorites... My brother called me up this morning as soon as he heard, what a bummer to lose such a brilliant witty minded person.
    It just sucks, but I suppose none of us are getting out alive.


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      I always loved Carlin.
      One of my favorite lines from him was on one his comedy tapes he says: "Now jump up and down on a cushion and release a fart." hahaha
      I guess it's one of those things that sticks with you from when your a kid, and you never forget.
      Northern California


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        ".... & yodeling in the gully"


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          Found this about how Carlin some years before his death wished he could edit his own obituary....


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            I'm probably a little younger than all you guys...but I always remember George Carlin playing Mr. Conductor on a TV show called Shining Time Station. He did all the narration for Thomas the Tank Engine on the show as well. Before George Carlin played the part, it was Ringo Starr in the first season.

            Kind of random, but that's my main memory of George Carlin growing up. i was kind of confused when I later found out that he was quite a raunchy


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