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    Oh, I'm sorry there. We're you sittg around waiting on my response? I was out WORKIN' MAN!

    Actually, today was more an admin day.
    Paperwork, then I had to go to the landfill & dump a truck load of brush, Fix a problem with the tarp roller (the brush cover I built on the back of my truck to hold debris down) Then I had to buy 2 new tires/rims for the front of my mower. I sprung for the solid rubber ones this time, Tired of plugging tires. Then I had to pack the new bearings, install the seals & put em on the mower.... yada yada yada. $100 ea, + seals & bearings. Ouch. plus $45 for a battery earlier this week, & a $90 belt last week. YAY!


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      "admin" day for chuck means it was too hot for him and he needed a day off.... poor thing... little chucky needs a break... and dont bust my balls about posting at noon... you posted at 2:30!!! ha!!!

      give me a call.


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        sorry chuck pool party this whole weekend!!! Hit me up on my forum


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          i just want to take a minute and thank you guys who have registered and got involved in my forum... were up to 55 registered users in only a week!!! were still waiting for some of you other guys to show me some love...


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            65 members in just over 10 days...