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  • I need new Marketing Ideas

    Hey everybody just wondering if anyone has any new good marketing ideas? It seems like I have exausted every idea I have had so far and I just haven't got the response I wanted. This would be a huge help I really appreciate it!

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    Hi Connor:

    Share with us what you have tried.

    We can lead you in new directions if we know which paths have already failed you.

    Start a profitable lawn care business.


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      As of now I have passed out 25 flyers in my neighborhood, I would pass out more but I am only fourteen and dont have a truck to drive me to alot of jobs faraway but my dad takes me to jobs that are close but I cant walk to. I got no replies to my flyers. I have made numerous posts on Craigslist and have only acquired one clilent from that. I even had my mom post a flyer at her work but that didn't work. So I really need some help.


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        determination pal.... you need to get like 2500 flyers out.... if it takes walking 10 miles a day, than thats what you need to do.... its the cheapest and easiest thing to do... hit the pavement.


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          Quote[/b] ]determination pal
          James, you're all heart.

          He's right though Connor. Hit that pavement and don't come home until you've worn holes in your shoes. If your flyers don't work, redesign them and do it again.

          Where are the flyers going? In a door jam or under a windshield wiper? Get those flyers into your customer's hands. Look them in the eyes when you put them in their hands and say "Sure, I'm young but I'm determined and I'm a hard worker."

          You have acquired 1 client. THAT'S AWESOME! Your first client is always the hardest.

          What are you doing with the money made from that first client? Put that money back into your business...better equipment, better advertising.

          Do everything under your father's supervision because it sounds like he's behind you in your venture.

          Good luck:

          Start a profitable lawn care business.


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            Thanks alot guys you are alot of help. I actualy have two customers and have made about $100 this year already but don't really have a reason to upgrade my equipment yet because I don't have a ton of lawns I have to get to. I am definately going to go pass out more flyers if thats what it is going to take. Thanks again.


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              hi conner,
              heres some ideas.
              talk to all of the adults in your school before summer, and just let them know what your doing.
              also speak to local buisness owners near your home, they may have some work for you, at there home and buisness.
              main thing is just let everyone know what your doing.the more people that know the better your chances.


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                Hi Conner,

                Thanks for asking this great question.

                Can you give us an idea of how many customers you are trying to get?
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                  Thats a good idea thanks. Also I dont really have a limit on how many customers that I want to get, the more the better.


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                    Maybe get your local restaurant to have a marketing/printing so they can add your business card to the placemat like similar to mine


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                      Yes that is a good idea thanks alot!


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                        This might sound off the wall, but you could be suffering from age discrimination. Even though I was 27 when I started my landscape company I looked very young. It's hard to be taken seriously when customers hold stereotypes based on their perception of your age or appearance. You'll also end up getting under paid for your labor.


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                          Yes I understand that. I think maybe when I get a big mower and a truck when i turn sixteen people will start to take me more seriously. But for now I still just want to get a solid customer base, then when I do turn sixteen I can grow even more and will be able to do more lawns because I will have a truck.


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