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How to tell Cust. to pick up poop,toys,etc..Nicely

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    There needs to be consequences for "non action"
    Any thoughts on what kind of consequences could be used that would help?
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      If customer doesn't take action on clearing up areas I need to work, I would assume I should charge them an extra fee. If it spans beyond that, I would have to "fire" that client. Especially if they are not showing respect for my time. As it was said earlier. You have to stand up for yourself and your company.


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        Although I don't do contracts, I DO have a terms of service page in my "Welcome Packet" and it clearly states that it is the customers responsibility to clear the lawn of any obstacles, toys etc or those areas will not be mowed nor trimmed around. As for dog poop, I only have 2 lawns out of 29 that are a "problem". Luckily they are large open areas so I just mow over it, making sure not to let my tires hit the **** directly! If you are mowing at the proper height the blades should just pass over 90% of it. I also upped prices for these 2 customers after the first season to compensate.


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          This is very solid advice. You just have to be straight about it.


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