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  • April fools

    Just wondering if anyone else got pranked today? Heres my story:
    I've been pretty sick since sunday night... chest cold... fever... all the good stuff... struggled thru work on monday, hit the hay at 6:30 pm on monday night... Wake up to rain this morning and called the day off. My wife hands me 6 estimates to run (phones are getting really hot!&#33 So while Im doing my estimates, I check in with her to see if anything else came in that need to be estimated... she puts me on hold, then comes back to the phone... "Babe, did you take a check today?" she says in a tissy... "Nope." I say. Now heres the kicker... "Our account is overdrawn by over $650.00!!!" ... I respond, " We have over $8,000.00 in there and we deposited $3,000.00 yesterday... There is no way that were missing close to $11,000.00!!!" She then tells me that she clicked over to the lady from the bank and she is "looking into it".... So, she lets me squirm a bit, thinking of any checks that I wrote in the past couple days, then hits me with it... "APRIL FOOLS!!!!"
    I can't believe that she got me!!!

    So now, I am also taking suggestions on how to get her back. Any good ones???

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    cmon...nobody is man enough to admit it?


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      We were talking about a couple of April fools jokes Google was playing with it's readers online today, in another post.
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        ahhh... must have missed that...


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          She got ya pretty good it sounds like.... I would hit her right back.... Have a trusted friend or family member disgise their voice & call her "from the bank" in a day or 2 & let her think this really happened. Give em the account info (make sure it's a really trusted person) so they can verify it with her & really flip her out. Or ( I dunno if it's worth letting one or 2 transactions bouce to ya but) you could actually take the money out for real & wait for the actual phone call. I don't think she ever expect the same prank 2 days later.

          Or just go out to do an estimate with your truck have an employee take it home. Call her 2 hours later & tell her to come pick you up, you'll explain when she gets there.... Tell her when she picks you up that your truck was stolen from out infront of the house while you did the estimate & you just spent the last 2 hours filing a police report... let her sweat it for the afternoon.

          Good luck


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