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Starting or growing a lawn care biz

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  • Starting or growing a lawn care biz

    Has anyone here purchased either one of these? If so any info on either one would be gr8t.

    He host the Lawn Maintenance / Lawn Renovation section here.

    Host the How to get your business started section here


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    Hi Pflat1,

    I got them both and they are both amazingly chock full of information.

    If you were to purchase them and read them both, you would learn from your readings, things that would take you years to learn on your own.

    I think the biggest problems new business owners run into could easily be avoided if they read more.
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      anyone other than the owner of this site have an opinion?


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        Hi Pflat1:

        Keith here. *I run the website. *I am also a frequent poster here on the Gopher boards.

        I am glad to see you are interested in purchasing the book and software program. *I know you are looking for independent verification of the product but if you have any questions at all that I can answer for you, please drop me an email: *

        Below is a short video I put together to help explain one method of using the estimating calculators along with Google Earth. *The calculators are designed to help you develop realistic cost estimating techniques.


        Start a profitable lawn care business.