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  • I'm new and need help

    1st of all...Hello! I bought a 26 year old business 16 months ago
    I'm looking for a COMMERCIAL BID TEMPLATE and can't seen to find anything on the net. I need it asap.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks and I look forward to learning from y'all!

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    Hi Jane,

    First off, I wanted you to know I checked out your site and I love your story and that you are promoting it! That is great! Have you sent out press releases that you bought this business and you are woman owned and operated?

    I bet the newspapers would love to pick that story up and print it.

    How did everything go with the Christmas lights over the winter season? Was that a good service to offer? Did you enjoy it?

    To answer your question, have you serviced commercial properties before or are you just getting into this type of this?

    If you are just starting I would suggest this article.

    How to get commercial lawn care accounts, without commercial references.

    If you need to reach out to commercial property managers, check out this post.

    Letter Template here.

    If you need some commercial property contracts, look here.

    Let me know where you are at with this process so we can help better.
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