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    In an effort to help the environment and cut down the use of paper products, we are attempting to do all of our billing via email.... Problem is we have over 200 weekly residential maintenance accounts and thats alot of emails... Has anyone done anything similar to this? Have you had any success?? On the same topic, we will try to have all of our customers pay by credit or debit on a weekly basis. Monthly emailed statements.... What other ways have you guys taken advantage of the Gopher Billing Software?

    Steve... how much work do you think this would be to email the invoices? Can I do this right after I generate the invoices... when it says print now?? Im trying to eliminate too much work...Didnt know if there was an easy way to do this.

    Also is there a way for my customers to log in to my website, view their account balance and history, and make a payment, with the current version of the software? Are there any plans for something like this?? If so, do you need a tester??

    Another reason for this would be to eliminate the accounts receivable. If I can ping their card the day of service, poof I have all my money for the day.... Now thats the way it should be...

    Any comments or suggestions?? Any other ways for a landscaper to go green??? Please, nothing about hybrid vehicles... They dont make an Isuzu NPR HD 14' Stakebody Dump with plow in a

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    A lot of good thoughts here. Right now you can save your invoices to pdf files that can then be attached to emails to your customers.

    What % of your customers pay via credit card? Do you think most of them would be willing to pay by credit card if they were asked? Or would you potentially go so far as to require new customers to pay by credit card?
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      Were going to try to be 100% paperless!!! Try credit or debit cards.


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        any more suggestions guys??


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