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Don't judge a book by its cover

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  • Don't judge a book by its cover

    Ever hear of Paul Potts? If you watch the video, you too will be thinking to yourself, where did this guy come from? He went on to win the competition.

    Apply the lesson to everybody you meet. Lots of Paul Potts out there....

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    WOW! Paul has got a great voice, sings with his heart and soul. He is well deserving of any awards.


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      Yea I watch all the videos. He did quite well. Another one I watch was the Great American Band The Clark Brothers Were from my Home Town. They grew up there.

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        I was blown away when I first saw him sing. He is amazing.

        When I watch that video, I wonder to myself how much untapped talent there is out there in all of us. What do we need to get that talent out and share it with the world?

        When you start thinking like that, you start thinking bigger and grander&#33; How can, what ever I do or work on, attract more attention.
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