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  • Where Rodman Does His Work

    Here is where I do most of my work. 2 things I drop my laptop using monitor for it, Got new screen on order. Computer under the desk PC you see there was found. My dads trucking company hauls debree and he found it in one his loads I was going to take it apart get all the goodies out of it, BUT I said heck ill see if it works. IT did LOL its has 250 GB hard drive 1GB ram Its a Pentium ® 4 CPU 3.20GHz

    Anway how many of you have your own little space setup? Show some pics.

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    anyone else have pics of there office space?


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      Well here is my boring office. At the moment that is...I have just finished demo on my new office in the basement. Framing and insulation will commence next week.