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My Son is Bald!!

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  • My Son is Bald!!

    I have long given up on the battle of the hair when it comes to my son...

    I always figured if he was working hard, going to school, and doing well that if he wanted to grow his hair long then he should be able too.

    It has taken me four years but I had kinda got used to him looking like this...

    This morning I woke up and he looks like this...

    He told me he just felt like a change...that he was tired of everyone stereo typing him because he had long hair...

    I am kinda in shock...
    Tara Gray
    Green Paws Lawn Care

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    Well sometimes a change is fun. He has a smile on his face so he looks happy!

    Good for him
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      Hey, he's wearing a "The Other Side" shirt. I thought you had a new name.
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      \"If you don't feel the same way about Friday nights as you do Sunday nights, then you are not doing the right thing.\"


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        Quote[/b] (FourSeasons @ Dec. 20 2007,10:28)]Hey, he's wearing a "The Other Side" shirt. I thought you had a new name.
        We are not officially launching Green Paws until the second week in January when our annual begining of the year customer letter goes out...
        Tara Gray
        Green Paws Lawn Care


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