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  • Ok the site is done

    11/29/07 will be the grand opening of the site. It is ready to go after days and days of work. Would anyone and everyone please pass this site along to your friends and any vendors you kow so they can go there list there product so your friends can find what they need for there business. Steve can you also pass this along? to any vendors you may know. If there is not a Categorie for them to list in they can email I will add it. The site is looking very well and its ready. Now I will start working on the sister site called click here to look ****> Its Done


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    Oh sweet! and you already got Fluid Film to post on your site! Nice Work!
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      Wow!! Nice work indeed!!

      And you said my site was busy...that there is a whole lot of business
      Tara Gray
      Green Paws Lawn Care


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