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    I was contacted last week by a Real Estate company to do there lawns. I did an estimate on 5 of there properties and even have cut them. The properties are in very poor shape. Not one has been sut this year. I have charged up to 165.00 for the intial cut and 70.00 for bi-weekly cuts. The lowest I have charged on any of the properties is 45.00.

    Does anyone think I am over charging or undercutting my business?

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    watch them i have been br by real estate company so be careful.



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      What were the size of the yards? How high was the grass?

      Also did you ask them how they heard about your company? That would be good information to find out which method of advertising is working.
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        Quote[/b] (myrlin @ June 27 2007,9:54)]watch them i have been *br by real estate company so be careful.

        How were you burned Barry?
        They told me it would be 10-14 dys before I got my money. And Yes I am worried about it.
        As far as the marketing is going. SHe actually watched us work for a while and got my number off the truck. She contact me a day or two later.

        The grass is way to high. The yard have not been cut this year.

        The Yards a different sizes. Some at 4175 Sq ft and as large as 31000 sq ft.

        I need some good advise.


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          Put it dis way i am till waiting for a ck the person i was working with is no longer there and nobody no thing.



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            I have worked for three different real estate companies in the past, and I never once had a problem with a payment. Real estate companies in my opinion are some of my best customers. But that doesn't mean that there is a chance that you could get burnt.

            If grass was super tall I normally charged around $200-$260 for the first cut, and then charged accordily for each cut there after.


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              Yea, I have done 22 of the properties so far and they keep giving me more to get done. I have had to hire an additional person to help get the trash and junk up so that I can mow.
              I have them go to the properties the day before I am scheduled to do them. It reduces the time at the properties.
              I have only had them a few days now so I am waiting on that first check. Which should be a bit over $2000.00. We will see what happens I just pray that Barry's situation doesn't come true.


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                good luck.



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                  What I always do, is if the price tag or invoice will be over $500, half is always due up front. Something to consider in the future


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