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5 gal boom sprayer

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  • 5 gal boom sprayer

    Has anybody used and would recommend a portable boom sprayer?
    electric or ground speed driven. I saw a 5 gallon boom sprayer with what looked like a 6' boom being used by a company on a parkway.
    By the time I could turn around, the guy was gone. ( major road with lots of traffic and few side streets). Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Was he spraying the parkway?


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      I saw them out on display at TSC the other day didnt have a chance to stop and check them out


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        I got one but I converted it to fit my zero turn mostly for Liquid Nitrogen for a quick green up in spring all right but be best extremly large areas where not to worried about drift but would not really recommend unless spraying large areas


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          Tiedeman, Yes he was spraying the parkway.

          The unit I saw looked like a appliance dolly with a small 5 gal tank
          on the front and a boom attachment about 12" from the ground. I think "Weed Man" franchise has a electric model. The one I saw looked like it was wheel driven.

          Im looking to do small yards.

          Thanks for your interest


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            Do you want it to go on a riding mower or something?


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              I would like a push type sprayer that resembles a Drop spreader - only for liquid chemicals


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                I could be wrong, but doesn't lesco offer a type of rotary spreader that has a liquid insert container that you can set in there