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    I was Just wondering after someone calls you for an estimate and you go out meet with them, and then submit a bid do most of them let you know if you didn't get the Job or just kinda blow you off.

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    A few things will probably happen
    1. *They will say something like "Geez, that is higher than I thought it would be." *At this point you can either 1) barter with the price or 2) tell them,"sorry, that is the price," and stick to your guns

    2. *When can you start. *They agree to the price and want you to do it

    3. *I will have to talk it over with my husband/wife. *Nine times out of ten when someone says that, you probably will not get the bid. *Now they will either call you back and tell you yes or no, or will not bother calling at all. *I recommend that after a few days to give them a call up and ask them if they had any questions in regarding the bid. *It helps get the ball rolling again.


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      Okay how about commercial accounts when they are excepting bids and say were not deciding to middle of march should I call them back then or just hope to hear from them and if I didn't get it will they call and tell me. Or just let it go?


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        If you haven't heard anything after a while, then I would follow up with a phone call and even perhaps a letter.


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          I'm with tiedeman, follow up. Sometimes they want to see how interested you are and that just might make the deal for you.


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            Thanks to both, I believe I hate this waitng the most, never mind all the letters I typed(they seem like a cake walk compaired to waiting).


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              Its going to happen where you lose some bids, and you don't hear back from people. I have run into that problem many times. It's funny, but its like people try to avoid you just to tell you "no thanks."


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                Thanks for the advice, I decided to email one today that we were waiting on. She said she forgot to call us to inform us that we were awarded the account. So for anyone else reading this you should definatly follow the advice given.


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