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  • Smoking bans

    Should it be up to the government to ban smoking in businesses or should it be up to the business owners?

    What's your view?

    Proposed smoking bans go too far - I am a current member of the Monroeville Town Board.

    Although I am a non-smoker and patronize places that restrict or prohibit smoking on their own, I believe that the current proposals before both Allen County and Fort Wayne go too far. The current ordinance that Fort Wayne has seems to be working just fine. I do not believe it is the job of government to tell businesses how to conduct themselves.

    I believe that it should be up to the business owner, including private clubs, to determine whether to allow smoking on their premises. It should be left to consumers whether to patronize these establishments. Business owners are more receptive to listening to consumers rather than being told what to do by local governments.
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