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  • Do we need this?

    Do we need an internet registry of drug offenders? First it was sex offenders now drug offenders, what's next? Should the government either show everyone's previous criminal history on the internet or show no ones?

    What's your view?

    Click here for drug offenders in your area - Internet registries of rapists or pedophiles are available in every state, but a new breed of criminal now is experiencing the notoriety of being outed online — people convicted of making or selling methamphetamine.

    "It lets the community know that there’s someone like this in their community, because the likelihood of them going back and doing it again is high," said Georgia state Rep. Mike Coan, who is spearheading meth registry legislation. "It’s no different, really, from the sex offender (registry). If there’s one living near me, I want to know it."
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