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CRT or Flat Screen?

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  • CRT or Flat Screen?

    Have you recently bought a monitor for your computer or television?

    Was it a CRT or a flat screen?

    It seems you can still get some good deals on CRTs but the flat screen prices have fallen dramatically.

    Flat-panels rule, old boob tube all but dead - The lone conventional television set at Anderson's TV store sat along a side wall like a castoff. Its screen was dark as dozens of other gleaming flat-panel and big-screen models flashed nearby with vivid color images.

    The staff at the Redwood City store hadn't even bothered to turn on the cathode-ray tube TV until a reporter asked to see it on a recent afternoon.

    The obvious neglect reflected the wallflower status of today's CRT TVs, as well as the mature technology's doomed future. Experts say the old-fashioned boob tube that catered to generations of Americans will soon be all but extinct.

    "It's already dead, but it doesn't know it yet," said Jon Paul Belstler, an audio/video consultant at Anderson's. "It's just trying to hang on."

    Across stores and in homes, sleek LCD and plasma televisions are taking over.
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    I have a picture tube TV but I have an LCD flat screen for my computer. While prices have come down on the TV's I have trouble justifying $1,200 for a television.
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      I agree about not paying that much for a tv.

      I have an LCD screen for my computer as well. Switched over to it back in 2005, and love it to death. I even switched my wifes computer over to an LCD. I feel that the picture and color quality is better, and also puts less strain on my eyes


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