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  • If I may ask?

    Just wondered if anyone here was from Columbus Ohio who does landscaping.

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    Hi dogduty,

    If no one responds maybe I can help you find someone in that area if you need something specific.
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      well, heres what I was lookin for, which are 2 questions.
      a: a possible source to help grow my buisness
      b: a tax question. Been in buisness for 3 yrs now, and never got a straight answer from some of the cities about taxes. We have this RITA thing, Rigonal Income Tax Assoc. in Ohio. I do service in several cities who are members of RITA, unlike Columbus who I pay tax to directley. But the RITA one, ive been told different things just depends on who u talk to at the time there. Typical government BS I guess.

      So this is what Id like to know fromanyone who operates in Columbus, if any.. how do you handle your tax for different cities. Ive paid tax last year, cause of a net gain I finally had, and want to make sure Im doin it right. Funny, last year, I paid both state and school tax, and was Told they dont have a record of it, yet checks were cashed, go figure.


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