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    Hi guys,
    I'm from NC and I have started cutting some yards for myself as a little side business to do in some evenings during the week and summer when I am out of school. I work in a school system and I have afternoons and summers off. I was contacted by a guy I know that has a full blown lawn business. I was talking to him and he wanted to see if I was interested in helping him. I don't have that many yards to cut right now on my own since I'm just getting started and figured I would make more money helping him. So they only work on all day saturdays from sun up to sun down, because they have full time jobs during the week. So he asked how I felt about working every saturday, well that doesn't thrill me. I told him that I starting cutting some lawns because I was free in afternoons during the week and off for 2.5 months of the summer. He liked that because i could cut yards during the week when they cant and he could take on some more lawn jobs. He wanted to know what I was thinking about money wise, how did I want to get paid and how much. I'm not depended on this job because I have a full time job. This is extra money, but I want as much as I can get. That is my question to you guys that own businesses, how should I get paid? Do I want to be paid hourly and if so what amount? Do I want commission, or paid by the yard? I know it's his business, and he wants my input, but I don't want to short change myself. I've been cutting yards for myself, I haven't had to worry about how i was gonna get paid by someone else. What do you believe is fair? He also would be giving me an enclosed trailer, with mower, blower, trimmer, edger, hedge clippers, etc. since I would be cutting yards during the week when everyone else isn't. So it would be me alone cutting yards all day for 3-4 days a week.

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    Why not start with the amount you make per hour now cutting your lawns? See what they say about that number? You could also charge him your going rate and use your equipment, which might give you a little more profit, potentially. See what they say?
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