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  • Having an issue with customer

    I have a lady who has been a customer for 4 years. Always made her yard look immaculate. She is becoming very picky lately. She bought a $2000 dog. She complains that the dog tracks in grass clippings from the backyard after I mow. The dog is a walking carpet. (like chewbacca) Not my problem. She has a tendancy to wait until the grass is 10" high to call me. She always does this to me, and then expects stellar results. But her picky-ness has worsened since the 2G dog's arrival. The back always grows faster than the front (??) Thats the case with many lawn around here, dont know why. I told her today, after I mowed, when she expressed disapointment with the result, that the BIG grass clumps of cut rye could be avoided if she would call more frequently. She complained to me that even though I did in fact cut it short, that within a few days it was already 7" high again. Is that MY fault? Why dont you dial up God? Or mother nature? Complain to them. Anyway...I told her, she may have to call me every 5-7 days instead of 2 weeks. RYE grows fast. Faster than most grasses. She looked at me like I was crazy. I told her if I have to spend an extra hour over raking (way to wet to bag with mower, clogs up the chute) I would have to charge extra. She didnt like that. Either way, she has to pay the extra, but cant get that through her head.

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    I wonder if she would be willing to experiment with you and have you mow weekly for 1 month to see if she liked the results better? Then if she didn't, she could go back to bi-weekly?
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      Tell her the rye will burn off soon as the temperature rises. Next year, don't put it on so heavy in the back.
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