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Mulching fad killing trees beautifully.

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  • Mulching fad killing trees beautifully.

    Over the last decade scientific benefits from shredded wood/bark/shell Mulch applied under trees & woody bushes has become common public knowledge.

    Besides helping to retain moisture during times of drought and keeping competing weed growth in check, applications can really sharpen up a pulled together landscape. The biggest benefit is that mechanical weed whackers & lawn mowers kept at a distance now no longer mangle the base of tree trunk's with un-healing "mortal" wounds.

    But there is a fine line between properly applying mulch and slowly killing your customers trees when misapplying. And I am not only speaking about the "Volcano mulching" method which piles copious amounts up against trunks or buries bushes deeply either.

    Scientifically raising trees soil level by applying anything on top of its root ball like dirt, mulch, planting bed and even rolled sod ends up smothering underground root system's which need that exchange of oxygen from above ground's atmosphere.

    Decomposing mulch steals away even more oxygen from main organisms system which then has smothered tree producing improper "Circling" root growth "rising" throughout the poorly applied layer of mulch for a chance to breath again! This inevitably ends up "Girdling" life of tree as both enlarging trunk and improper "above ground" root growth expands into each other. Liken this to when your foot falls asleep from obstructed blood flow. Instead its like a tree stepping on its own toe's.

    Sharply edging grass line with concave blade tool around mulched root ball making a defined ditch ends up severing all fine and small root growth just under sod emanating radially outward from trunk past trees drip line like wagon wheel spokes. Roots closest to soil surface are where trees collect water from, along with Oxygen!

    It may have been easier for me to post the proper way of applying mulch which involves starting out some six to twelve inches away from trunk building no higher than a two to four inch layer tapering higher outward. Turn mulch over in spring and then lightly reapply fresh stuff. Just Google any States Dept. of Agriculture to learn more technical details.

    Correction of tree's soil level becomes more difficult as time passes. Removal requires cutting away all improperly produced roots above trees original soil line which after only one year becomes interwoven throughout solidified mulch layer. Utilizing compressed air to blow away the mulch mound will then be needed, and a chisel or Sawsall also.

    Today surveys reveal that 60%-80% of trees installed over the last 30 years have been planted too deeply. Wacky but sharp application methods of mulching can quickly kill these deeply planted examples by burying them even deeper.

    Presently Municipalities expanding ordinances are holding the property owners accountable for the lives of Mulched or landscape walled public parkway trees. Now when registering to work in these towns, private landscapers must read and sign a statement that warns against poor tree, shrub or bush mulching practice.

    Soon we will be reattaching our blades to company trucks for snow plowing. Remember how parts of customers landscapes died from plowed up road & sidewalk salt last year? So start relocating piling up snow elsewhere early on where less of summers landscape can be damaged.

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