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    Also, look at the HUD guidelines on that site & they will give you an update on prices per sq.ft on cutting & everything else....the guideline that everyone has to go will give you a better range of what you can charge too...the price sheet you get from the preservation company is just suggestive for the most part ,,if you have to travel, or overgrown,etc; they know you have to make a profit to make money...


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      Get an error message on that link
      I spelled it wrong this should work I just went there...


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        I just had another company call that claims to have a contract on these types of properties...

        there's a ton of paperwork just to get signed up, plus each cut requires 16 photos of the property from specific locations - 8 before and 8 after.

        the price list they pay is as follows:

        1-5,000 sq. ft. - $35 initial, $35 recurring
        5000-10,000 sq. ft. - $40 initial, $35 recurring
        10,000-15,000 sq. ft. - $45 initial, $35 recurring

        the guy said they would want a cut every 2 weeks.

        Seems like a lot of red tape, and I'm not sure I trust these folks to pay on time.

        Think it's worth it?
        Be careful on these, they make you fill out the 10-99 form. Your saying your a sub contractor with them and will be paying taxes on it.

        It sounds like the prices are decent, its just not worth the headache with the pictures and trusting a company will pay you when your providing pictures to say you did the job. Like you said, too much red tape.


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          yep, my thoughts exactly, I did for the one company because the job was in the same area I'm in, but the other jobs were few & very far between..just not worth it to drive so far (60 miles + sometimes) for a 35-45$ lawn. Up here in Mich. you got to drive a little bit anyway but there jobs you do every week & more than one lawn & you know when your getting paid! Nope, not for me either!


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            you really have to look at the Hud guidelines for your state... in michigan the prices for yard mantenance is currently: Initial cut up to 10,000 sq ft=$85.00 Initial cut to 15,000 sq ft=$105.00 re-cut up to 10,000 sq ft=$80.00 re-cut 10,000 sq ft to 15,000 sq ft=$100.00 trim shrub=$35.00 snow removal=$45.00 I'm not going this route myself I'm just putting these prices on here cuz its different depending on what state your in!You will still have few & far between & long distances to travel & will cut into your regular sheduled cuttings as well...must have the cash to maintain until you get paid least 45 days!
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