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wal mart vs the morons

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    A lot of companies get tax breaks, how did you think companies like facebook and GE can make billions of dollars and not pay any taxes. Companies take more from the government doll then poor people do. You just do not see as much about it as BOTH partys do it.

    just because they get tax breaks it does not mean they don't pay taxes.
    a tax break is just a reduction in taxes and every american is entitled to them not just corporations and the more you make the more you get in the form of reductions.

    walmart pays millions upon millions in payroll tax and anyone with a business knows that as the business owner you have to match whatever your employees pay.
    they generate millions upon millions in sales tax revenue for every state they operate in.
    they also pay millions in property taxes for each location that their buildings sit on.

    they like any other corporation in america also pay the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

    half of americans fall in the lowest tax bracket and then after they do their taxes and claim their deductions they end up paying practically nothing.

    it may be on a smaller scale dollar wise per individual but multiply it by millions of people and the amount is not so meager.

    if americans have a problem with what these people pay in taxes and don't like minimum wage then they better take it up with the government because they are the ones who made the rules and the corporations are only going by what the fed allows them to do.

    most of this argument is misconceptions started by the liberals and lamestream media and we don't here as much about the corporations like facebook because the libs rely on them to push their agenda and they are the biggest offenders out there because they did not pay one dime in taxes and got 800 million handed to them by the fed which essentially boils down to the fed paid them to make billions.

    GE was only brought up when we had a republican president but now that we have a democrat president and he made the ceo of GE one of his czars, not a peep.

    either way this whole tax debate is a bunch of nonsense because our government brought in a record 2.7 trillion in tax revenue last year that was more money then we ever pulled in and that is with record unemployment and a dismal economy.

    the fed needs to stop spending our money excessively on wasteful programs and help get people back to work which will result in even higher tax revenue with more of a surplus.

    i am gonna stop here because i am getting too political and this topic gets my blood boiling.


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