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    Pricing survey:
    Hi my name is Duncan and I live in Williamsburg Virginia. I'm doing a survey for my high school economics class and my business. I'm gong to contact 5 services in 3 different sized cities in all 50 states, so any bits of info you can give will save a ton of time! Thanks everyone.

    What is your company name and location (city and state).

    How long have you officially been in business?

    What would you, on average, charge for a perfectly square and perfectly flat 5000ft lawn with 100ft of edging that needs to be cut regularly?

    How many customers do you cut grass for?

    How many additional customers do you take on each year?

    How many mowing do you do for a single yard each year?

    Do you work more for Middle or Upper Class customers?

    What is your company’s average income after expenses in a given year?

    Thanks again for your help!

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    Hi and welcome to our forum. Just so you know, you can make poll questions too and they might help you gather some data for your project.
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