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Monster Blizzard Of 2013

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    Only have internet on phone. Lost power for a day. I put in at least 50 hours. Still have more to do. I might be able to sneak in 5 hours of sleep tonight. Will post some photos when att gets their sh@t together.


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      I am looking forwards to it.
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        My truck is in the trans shop now. LOL
        I had costumer calling me upset their driveway was not clear 8am Saturday morning and it was still snowing (travel ban til 4pm)
        The travel ban was the best thing the state has ever done (wish it was til sunday morning)
        Saturday and Sunday my phone was ringing every two min.
        broke two snow blowers
        I HATE SNOW and I think I lost money, My poor truck
        <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo P1010556_zpsab161dc5.jpg"/></a>
        <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo P1010550_zps478320ff.jpg"/></a>
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          Dont feel bad Will.

          My repairs,
          Coolant leak havent checked from where. I just been driving.
          Brake lines blew in two trucks. Not sure where kept driving.
          Muffler that I just bought fell off and I ran it over.
          Driver side windshield wiper snapped off. Still driving.
          Guy destroyed my Vplow.
          Skidsteer wouldnt turn after 6 hours. I have to check it out, its sitting in a lot.
          Snowblower pull cord broke twice.
          Other snowblower couldnt handle the snow.
          Broke two shovels.
          Had my gloves stolen.
          Sander stopped working.
          Fuse blew that charged phone in truck. I had a dying phone everyday out.

          Guy got stuck in a ditch. $161 to be pulled out for a $200 driveway.
          Sub quit on me and took off with my 6 gallon gas can that was filled.
          Driver after working 16 hours went home with truck and went to sleep till 4pm.
          I sent the walk crews home at 2:30 am. So they could come back and clear it in the morning. Not one of them came back. I finally found someone at 5pm. By that time the snow was frozen.

          Residential were happy to just get out.
          Commercial were mad about not having enough room for parking. Sorry about those massive snow banks. I cant melt them.
          Another was pissed off because there was so much snow coming off the side of the blade that there was a unmovable 4 ft pile on the walks. They also claim I didnt do the walks at all. They just called again saying their guys worked through the whole storm and never seen us. Of course the other building seen our guys but they didnt. Reason why? Because the maintenance men are clocked in and sleeping. I had a 3 man crew alternating between their 2 buildings. They were there every other hour.

          The driveway calls were insane. I didnt even look at my phone till sunday. Half of them lived on a hill. I cant push 23" up hill. So I didnt do any of them. I picked up 21 driveways and made $4600 off them. With repairs and gas I probably broke even. I did pick up a few regulars.

          I wasnt even answering my phone and customers were telling me that I was the only one to get back to them. About 10 of the driveways I picked up had a plow guy that didnt show. 1 of them the guys showed up on monday when I was doing it. The customer told me he only charged $40, I charged $180. Supply and demand!

          It was crazy though. I had to push snow at a angle and drive my truck like a battering ram at it. I probably need a new front end.

          I have to go clear some parking spaces then I'm done. I worked 65 hours since friday.

          Still no internet but Ill get it soon.


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            Sorry to hear about all the problems SECTLANDSCAPING but sounds like you made some money

            I had people say i never showed aka blowing snow
            oh one more problem I had was lug nut on one wheel came very loose shaking the whole truck

            trans shop just called trans just needed service $150
            now it's at a regular shop getting overall checked


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              Hey SECTLANDSCAPING wish I had a couple extra trucks I would have sent them down to help you out. Sounds like it was just a nightmare for you...hope it pans out.
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              Olean, NY


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                I really needed Blizzard Nemo! Made great money to pay off my truck shop expense but I now have more problems with my Powerstroke.

                Anyway, I started on Friday 2/8 and worked until Saturday 2/9 until 5 PM. Passed right out and was up early Sunday to continue. With a quick messy storm Monday, I was at it all night. I just took my plow off and got rid of my ballast.

                The only "break downs" I had was my check engine light on with Fuel level sending unit, EGR system fault, and Mass air flow. I think the air flow has been bad because of how long my 9' has been on and durring the brunt of the storm, my grille was completely covered in ice. The only thing I went through was driver's side wiper twice. That and the arms kept popping off because of terrible ice build up.

                And for videos and pics!


                <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


                <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


                Latest storm at the bottom of the page.

                Seacoast region of NH, we got around 18"- thats what I billed people for.
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                  Now that's a storm! WOW
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                    I didnt take any pictures the first day of the storm besides the first few which is before it got bad. Just to much going on. The majority of these are the second and third day.

                    Redneck Ballast

                    My Driveway

                    Tree fell and they expect me to remove it for free.

                    Wrecked plow


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                      <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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                        that poor v plow
                        Big photos for a big storm


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                          that poor v plow
                          Big photos for a big storm
                          he says a curb did it. I dont see how unless he was going 30. It was pushed in from the outside in causing it to bulge. Like he was turning and caught the curb at the end of the blade.

                          I had plans of painting that up and putting the plastic skins on it. Now I might just put a sheet of 11 gauge over it.

                          I actually almost fixed that blade by pulling it outward with a truck. I have about a inch to go to line up the cutting edge bolt with the bottom of the plow. It has a curve on top that I probably wont be able to get out and a few welds on the hinge to make it better.

                          Waiting on the call from the repair shop for the case. The mechanic says it could be a lot of minor things causing the turning problem. Thats hopeful, I was thinking drive motor and its a $1200 part.


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                            Waiting on the call from the repair shop for the case. The mechanic says it could be a lot of minor things causing the turning problem. Thats hopeful, I was thinking drive motor and its a $1200 part.
                            just keep in mind she is old and take it easy on her when working


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                              Im still dealing with issues from this storm lol

                              During the storm my alternator went bad, replaced it saterday morning in the worst part of the storm, The tuesday I started hearing a clicking noise from my front end. I just put that in the back of my mind to deal with later. I had my mechanic look at it friday, he replaces the pitman arm and a few other things in the front end, he found a bunch of rocks between the break rotor and the backing plate, and we figured that was the clicking noise, Well nope, turns out I eather have a bad cv or u joint, going to tear into that with him tomorrw when we do the tie rod ends that need to be replaced too.....Never plowing with a half ton again.

                              I know I said they can do it, and they can, I am just tired of throwing parts at it when a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton is just built much more heavy duty. I will keep this truck as a plow truck but it will only do a small driveway route/ side walk route next season when I up grade to a 1 ton.


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                                My half ton has noises in the front end also. Theres a buzz when in 4x4. Then if I load the back up with to much weight theres a grind from the rear axle. When I first start the truck the power steering doesnt work till its warm. I also have to put it in 4x4 about 80% of the time. The bigger trucks go in 4x4 less then 50% of the time.

                                The truck has been good to me. Its just not made for heavy duty work. Pushing 2-3" for a hour or two isnt bad but once you leave it out there for a extended period get ready for repairs. Installing the ladder rack next week for spring the truck is done plowing for the year.

                                When its all said and done the 1500 gets the same mpg as the f250. Theres no cost savings of running a 1/2 ton.


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