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  • what do you guys do

    hey guys just curios .maybe a stupid question but wondering what everyone els is does to keep your scedule in order ? dont have many clients yet too worry. but want to be prepared when i do . any feed back is great thanks

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    not really sure what your asking,but if you mean daily schedule ,we have sheets with each days route printed on them ,we check them off as they are completed ,and write down any info we feel important .The sheets are set up with the address,phone numbers,names ,and services requested so hopefully we dont make mistakes .We generally dont lose any customers,and are not really looking for any more ,so for quite a few years now our routes have remained the same,so the sheets are probably a little overkill for us at this time .


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      I am trying Gopher this year, because last year I tried to use a "monday lawns" "tuesday lawn" wednesday lawns" ext. method, and week-long spells of rain $%#@'d that attempt up.


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        I carry one of those personal planner/notebook type things around with me. I also have 2 notepads....1 for quotes and 1 for notes.

        At being 28 yrs old, I find the old school method of non electronics works best.


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          I use Gopher also.....It's awesome

          All my customers are in the system and in the morning I print out the daily schedule and off we go...................


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            I also use gopher software, best decision I've made so far! I would like to see it able integrate the use of ipad in the field at some point.


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              thanks for the help

              want to say thanks .for the input guys. i guess i was a little vague on my question .daily scedual is what i was looking for .think i will go with a daily planner like some of you suggested being that im not hip to this computer stuff that much.thanks for the help:


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                I use a daily/monthly planner also with about 70 customer's. Work good for me.


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