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late start this past season, need help on adding customer next season.

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    This post will help no one, Best thing I ever did was forget what my competition is charging and started pricing MY services and knowing MY cost.
    This is very true. But its always good to know what others are charging. This way you can compare to make sure your in line with what you should be.

    For example: Because it's your first year, you wanted to look real bad ***. So you went out and bought everything top of the line. You also think that running all of your equipment with Mega Super Premium gas will make it last 10 years longer. You have your house payments and bills to make, and also your shop bills. You price out your costs and find out how much you have to charge as well as profit margins. You quote $65 on a lawn that your competition is charging for $45. Try convincing the customer why paying $20 extra a week with your service is a better deal. Or on the flip side....your friend is getting out of the business and gives you his equipment. It's not the best, but it gets the job done. You already have a truck to pull the trailer and your wife is still working her 100K a year job and can pay all the bills. You really have no overhead. You quote a customer $45 on a lawn while your competition is charging $65. Your walking away from extra profit every week!!

    Know YOUR costs, but also know what they charge.


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      Turning Down Work

      For what type of reasons if the work was turned down, would you keep their information and keep in contact with them and for which type of reasons wouldn't you?
      Do you want a list? Or just the top ten? LOL. No really. Sometimes while working a job, a neighbor will ask for an estimate for work to be done. Then, before you can blink an eye, the neighbor is telling YOU, how much he will pay. And it's always so low that your actually paying them. But, I will give them a price for lawn service and I usually will get that. If I don't get either, Then I will send them a Holiday Card ( so they don't forget me). On the flip side of that. I have had to drop customers that were too far off the beating path, it didn't make financial sense to keep them on. I would find them a lawn service company closer to their area, However, by keeping the customers information, I was able to continue the lanscaping work for the same customer.


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        Make that flyer PRETTY, gloss finish full color professional style with your portrait. yes I know those are about $.50 a pop, but IT IS WORTH IT.
        This is an above average way to go and it looks good. Do you suggest any special way to distribute the flyers that is above average too? Or will just sticking them in a door work fine?

        Or just the top ten?
        Is there a top ten? I bet you have had a lot of interesting experiences with all this.
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