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    So far so good.

    We've lost power once for an hour when a landslide took out some utility poles. (We listen to a scanner)

    We were prepared for a prolonged outage. Yesterday I filled containers with water and filled as much of the vacant space in the freezers as was practical. A filled freezer will remain cold longer than an empty one. If power was out for too long, we could also use that ice in ice chests to keep perishables cold.

    Candles and flameless candles are all over. Flashlights were prepped in advance with fresh batteries. Propane was on hand for the propane heater (rated for indoor use) because although we have gas heat, no electricity means no blower = no heat.
    Plastic sheeting and tape ready to hang in the entry ways to the living room to keep heat contained.

    Sounds like it's slowing a bit. Hopefully I can convince the dog to go do his business - he's not a fan of this type of weather - at all.

    Aside from a minor inconvenience, we had a little water seep into the basement. Will assess the outside and property in the morning.

    Hope everyone fares as well.


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      I just walked my dog ,fill your pockets with concrete boys,or just stay home ,its really windy out there .


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        Hedge it was pretty weak here. I'm a 1/2 mile from a major river and 1/2 mile from the ocean. Had some gust and a little bit of rain but it wasnt much at all. I dont even think Ill land a job out of this. The governor is acting crazy saying this is like katrina and enacting curfews.


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          Just sounds awfully windy outside.

          During the winter we had our 100kph winds, supposed to be like that today but I never went outside to check. Did laundry all god damn day.

          Anyway, Manhattan has it the worst... They all gone and got dead ya hear?! They got dem dam bildins fallen down, drownin' under 10 fert a wata.


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            I'm watching the Weather Channel and I have to say that Stephanie is decidedly less "curvy" with all that rain gear on.


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              I woke up late today because the forecast said rain till friday. Its so nice out. I got to go cut some lawns. Never listen to the weather man.


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                LOL Had to play this again.

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                  I woke up late today because the forecast said rain till friday. Its so nice out. I got to go cut some lawns. Never listen to the weather man.
                  Speak for youself we got all phucked up here no one has power and trees and sheet are all over the place and necause of that there is no gas anywhere and when you do find a station tbere is a line of 300you cars.
                  even cell phones were screwed up and most of tbe shore is in ruins.
                  thank god i have 10 cans of gas and a generator.
                  I think the weatberman was absolutely correct and where the storm had a direct hit got lambasted.


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                    I woke up late today because the forecast said rain till friday. Its so nice out. I got to go cut some lawns. Never listen to the weather man.

                    The weather forecast was right on the money, They gave us a couple days to prepare as best we could for what was bearing down on us...We didn't get hammerd as bad as those in NJ or NY but we got it pretty bad...The price gougers got me pretty good on a generator but I had to do what was needed to take care of my family...We don't realize just how important some things are until they are taken away ( electricity !! )...It's been several days since the sun actually has shown brightly in the sky but things are improving and getting back to normal around here...Time to cleanup the equipment an put it away for the winter....

                    My heart goes out to all those who are dealing with the devistation and the cleanup that lays ahead of them...


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                      We just got are power back, it's been out since Monday around 630. I had the generator chained to the back of the mower, that was in the garage with the door down, and my truck in front of it. They were out stealing them last few days around here scum of the earth!!! I got lucky and happened to show up at store right as they were unloading a truck, grabbed one and out the door I went for 848.00, there was no way I was letting that thing get stolen. We did better then some only one tree came down in our yard and about a foot of water in basement before I got generator going. Hope everyone else gets there power back soon.


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                        I never downplay a big storm like this. Even if you didnt get it too bad it is more than likely that someone did. Then someone could read peoples posts like oh this storm wasnt sh!t and it didnt do anything and the person reading the post could have gotten devestated. You never know who will read your posts and how they got affected. Its just smarter to say I didnt get hit rather than sh!tting all over the weather man.


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