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New to Site & Need Help. Lots of THEFT in area...!!

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  • New to Site & Need Help. Lots of THEFT in area...!!

    Many many lawn companies have been hit in the past week by thieves. They're taking mostly handheld equipment that is easy to get away with. Thefts are happening overnight at home based businesses, industrial parks, warehouses, and actual dealers as well. They are targeting anyone anywhere...

    How is everyone keeping their equipment safe?!?

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    i neeed to start locking things up better. I am looking for a enclosed trailer now and then I will wire a car alarm into the trailer to sound if the doors are opened


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      What kind of trailer do you have? Do you store your equipment at home or somewhere else and can you secure it?
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        I keep my stuff on my property, so for me its easy. 2 big dogs and guns.


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          I have a lab, my neighbor has a rottie, the guy across the street has two pits, between the three of use are 2 .45's 1 .40 cal, 1 9mm, and a desert eagle. the dogs bark, the owners shoot. we havent had anything stolen around here in years.

          Why a .45? because shooting twice is just plain silly


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            Its a shame people out there taking a working man/woman's tools that gives feeds them and help pay bills, we were victims of theft also. We left our gas cans full of gas in our pick up bed and they were stolen twice. the third time my dad made some kind of mix so who ever put that in there car the third time probably messed up their full system. We know place all our tools, shovels, rakes, wheel barrels inside the garage. look up mowers with large chains and big pad locks.


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