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    I thought you actually mean the brand toughbooks, they are like 3 grand new lol

    I actually really like the gopher software, and I prefer to keep everything organized on a computer or electronic device, paper gets lost and unorganized to quickly with me.

    I am going to check out various ipad apps for remote pc use and see how they work. The main reason for wanting a netbook is to print estimates or invoices out while i'm at the property.

    I would love a tablet with a camera to take reference pictures of properties to give me better ideas of whats going on, but I know tablets are limited on use when it comes to the other things i want to use it for.

    I was thinking it over and decided not to buy one. Reasoning being I don't really need it.

    I am only part time, so most likely once I pick up a few clients, i won't be adding anymore unless I lose a client or expand. Secondly, for simple residential mowings I can just fill out a sheet by hand with the cost break down, and the total it would be and give that to them, once the service is payed for I can fill out a receipt slip and keep one for myself and give them one if they want.

    As for printing invoices, I don't really need to do that either, unless the client really wants an invoice every week, I wouldn't have the need to print one.

    For everything else, I think i'll just make up a simple log book to keep track of time, and stuff like that, and then enter it in my computer at a later time.
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