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Tall Grass cut by homeowner then he hires a lowballer

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    I'd do it for $50 if he signed up for the rest of the year. It wouldn't look good for the first 3 weeks though. I would never use a weedwhacker to knock it down first. That's madness.

    For a one time cut though, I'd say $250.
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      The 4 hours is how long it took him to do the front yard.

      The yard was like that because this was a house flip that he just bought. He talks about fixing up houses at the start of the video.

      Knock it down with a weedeater and then after picking up the grass go over it with a mower to give it a finish cut.
      i agree he said it took him 4 hours to do it himself the guys took less
      that guy its not mexican he talk with an oriental accent.
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