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Q.5 What were some of your early set backs

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  • Q.5 What were some of your early set backs

    Here is the 5th question of the lawn care business documentary I want to put together. I look forwards to reading your insights.

    5. What were some of your early set backs and how did you get passed them?

    Question #4 - Question #6
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    My biggest setback was that i started with literally NO money... I mean, not even enough for gas to get to these jobs and for the equipment and no string for the trimmer... I would have been great to start with proper equipment, a truck with no problems, and "just in case" money... I still don't have the equipment I need, but my bills are being paid for, school is being paid for, I've got money in the bank, my girlfriend is happy that I can afford to take her out every now and again, and the truck is running great.


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      Poor management was my biggest set back I sucked with money...I finaly had to ask a family member for help with a budget, drop half of my mowing schedule due to lack of profit (thats what you get for low ballin!) and reset my way of thinking.

      We created a system that worked for me and I still use it to this day. I am glad I had to go through all this to get to where I am today. Still a small company but a small company making a NICE PROFIT!
      If you can't be good..Be good at it!


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        the 2 year drought that keep slashing TX last year was terrible.
        most of the people gave up trying to keep their lawns in not sure i say we had 90 days with out rain last year.
        this year has rain at least once per month that has keep the grass growing.


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