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  • Creepy

    There is this guy I've mentioned before, a neighbor of a few of my clients.

    Anyway, apparently he goes through lawn companies every few months. He's never satisfied, bla bla.

    He stopped me once while working, and I told him we were booked, and that if we had any openings I would come to him.

    1. His lawn his crap, and my current clients lawns on this street aren't that great either.

    2. I don't want his lawn, it's stupid. STUPID.

    Anyway, so he is apparently annoying my clients, by constantly asking them what I charge them. My clients refuse to give away my prices. He keeps nagging them apparently, like more often lately.

    So anyway, the guy calls me the other day, and this is basically the conversation:

    Guy: I want a quote for your lawn service, but I don't need it yet, I have a guy doing it already, and there is no grass to cut. Can you give me a request for my hedges?

    Me: When I have the time, I will have someone come by for you.


    During the same day, he called back three times, with nothing new to say.

    After that, I started ignoring his calls - yet he continued to call 3 times per day for the past couple of days.


    TODAY he called me 4 times in the morning, and 3 times in the afternoon WITHOUT leaving a message. Anyway, I went to cut my clients lawns on his street, he didn't come outside (but he was home).

    I did my work and left. Suddenly he calls me 4 MORE times in the evening, and he finally left a message. "Can you give me a quote for the grass and hedges".

    I decide that he's starting to really aggravate me, so I'm actually going to ignore him on purpose now - but guess what happens! ...

    He gets one of my clients to call me to get my attention... I'm not stupid enough to answer the phone, and my client only let it ring twice, so I'm sure she didn't want to bother me. My clients hate this man.


    ANYWAY, thought I'd share. I find this kind of amusing, lets see how frustrated I can make this guy before I send him a contract for $1000/month.

    Imagine if I took this guy though, like gave him a chance? He'd be calling me every day, it's scary!

    I was very close to giving him an estimate today, but I was too annoyed. I think I will give him one later (when the world is asleep)...

    He's one of those guys who will call you 1000 times in the same minute, without leaving a message. By the time he did leave a message, it was too late for me to give a crap.

    - ################

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    Tell him to go fck himself. Maybe he has a man crush on you. He could have seen some of your videos. Hes probably knocking at your door right now with a bottle of wine and a tube of KY.


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      Hes probably knocking at your door right now with a bottle of wine and a tube of KY.
      Perfect timing, I ordered Chinese food!

      He called twice again...

      Anyone have any CREATIVE suggestions? Giving him what he wants... he doesn't deserve it. lol
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        Just tell him you cant because of professional curtesy(whatever that is). Just say I cant do it. No need to call me anymore. Or punch him in the throat.


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          Just give him a price that he will never accept. If its a $30 lawn tell him $90 plus $3.99 for every call.


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            Dude, just tell em it's $100 bucks a week and that's a deal compared to what you charge the other people.


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              just tell him you charge $95 for a quote


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                Start calling him multiple times a day and just stay silent when he answers.


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                  laughing my butt off this is to funny


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                    have you tried the good old two letter word ....NO ? you might need to include a kick in the junk if it doesnt sink in the first time .


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                      send him this video

                      <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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                        send him this video
                        What if he likes it, then what?


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                          "Want cha come on over and knock on my door boy and blow my gutters" Just kidding.


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                            I did a bit of Google searching and came up with this, it's so funny:

                            Every client is different. While one client may be content to hand a matter over and trust you to report back to them when something significant occurs, another client facing the same legal situation may require constant reassurance – especially if nothing is happening.

                            Constant client calls can occur if the client feels that the time between communications is too long, because they are emotional and need some hand-holding or a sympathetic ear, because the client is so stressed that they can’t retain information, or because they just don’t understand you, but are afraid to admit it.
                            Last but not least is the chatty patty. This is the client you dodge calls from for two days praying to God they will just send you an email. On the third day after ignoring at least five calls, you finally pick up the phone with a sense of impending doom. They proceed to tell you without drawing a breath everything that has happened between the time you spoke last and now. You sit on the phone while beating your head against your desk, because you know at some point in the conversation they will get to the point. Just as you are about to lose all will to live, they finally say, “The reason I called is”. Never in the history of the English language have any five words been sweeter. I like to call this the torture call, and if I could charge for it, it would go for double our normal hourly rate.


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                              give him an insane $100/cut.

                              Is it worth it to put up with him if he ends up taking the offer and you end up making a lot off it?

                              Or cut his lawn once and do a terrible job, he won't call you anymore


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