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    I was sitting at home, and I kept hearing really loud annoying music. It sounded as if there was a concert or something.

    I tell my guy who works with me, and he says he can hear it from his place. We got together to go and check it out, but first we picked up some cigarettes.

    Anyway, to make a long story short, it was a CANCER fundraiser that is going to last all through the night. They are using the running track at a school to have people walk in circles forever to magically raise money.

    The place was also full of tents (people were sleeping there).

    So we decided to walk the track, maybe find some hot women to stare at like the creeps we are. When that failed, I decided to go get a drink from a tent... I saw a Coke and I figured "it's mine now", so I either stole a drink or it was free, you be the judge.

    Anyway, we continued to walk the track for no apparent reason, out of extreme boredom I suppose... Every lap we'd relax and have a cigarette break and take a look at the tractor the school uses to cut grass which was randomly outside...


    From smoking distance LOL

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    what you saw is actually called relay for life. usually, at least around here, it is mostly a fundraiser for younger people. I know a lot of friends who do this. THe idea is you pay $100 and get to walk around the track the entire night and you're supposed "to have fun".

    I don't see the "fun" in it, but I guess some people do...


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      So you were having a smoke at a CANCER fundraiser...


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        It's going to be midnight soon, and these cancerous fks are out blasting music again.

        Can't they raise money by doing something else just as stupid? Maybe they can stand still for several hours in complete silence. Heaven forbid they do something productive.

        There is enough news and noise happening in my area, for the love of god someone start nuclear warfare and put an end to it all.

        Home of serial killers, hit and runs, worlds worst potholes, random protests and worst of all - hippies.

        I hate leaving my home now.


        I found the video of the serial killer who tied up his boyfriend and stabbed him several times with an icicle before cutting him up into pieces and rolling his head around - then having shex with the body parts. I wont be posting it here lol.

        Also a video around of him killing cats and stuff.
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          WHAT IF........the serial killer is one of your clients...???


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            WHAT IF........the serial killer is one of your clients...???

            LOL I wouldn't be surprised at all.

            They all seem a little insane.


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              LOL that would make for a great movie! HAHAHHAHA

              My lawn care client, the serial killer. And we find out at the end, he let's Scott live because Scott was the only person that would take time out of his day to stop and talk to him HAHAHHAHA
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