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thinking about leaving ztrs

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  • thinking about leaving ztrs

    i mowed all day with my old walkbehind and wow what a differance in the cut it gives. puts the ztr to shame. its that much better im thinking about leaving ztr altoghter.

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    I noticed this before. Even the 21" mowers cut better. I think people think the bigger the better. If I want a cut to look the same I have to go about 6mph.


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      From what I notice, they both provide a different type of quality, and it really depends on the lawn.

      Thicker stripes in my opinion look more 'luxurious'.

      Zero Turn



      Also to note, equipment provides different results depending on if you are bagging the grass or not.


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        What do you think is the cause of the poorer cut with the ztr? Is it a speed issue or is it something else?
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          I think there can be more definition when a lawn is cut with a 21". The more stripes, the bigger a lawn can sometimes look perhaps. Though, while driving around, never does a lawn done with a 21" catch my eye.

          Just like most images, the quality probably decreases the more you stretch it out.

          This lawn is tiny, but it looks better when done with the ztr


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