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  • Girl friend helps out

    I have some real estate agent work that I do. Pays well and I never actually deal with customers I just mail the bill > anyways it was a beautiful lakeside property that I got the OK to do every 2 weeks and it was a couple days past due so I figured I'd do it weekend or not.
    I wanted to show my girl the property as I'm a bit jealous and would love you own it and she wanted to see what my work is like.
    Bottom line is my girlfriend kicked butt for her first time ever mowing and who knew an @ss could look like that mowing! haha

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    I love working with woman, but none of them have ever been 'great' at mowing. Such a shame.

    It's also easier to pay them and not feel crummy about it. I can pay a guy who does 'alright' work and think of how angry he makes me come time to pay him... but paying a female for doing absolutely nothing at all, never bothered me.

    Company policy says you MUST wear short shorts, or nothing at all.


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      My wife kicks *** with a weed eater and can operate any zero turn. She is a big help when it comes to cutting grass and it's free labor. lol


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        this thread is useless without pics of the girl .


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          LOL, I do wonder if this is going to be the beginning of bikini lawn care 2012!

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            Mine goes occasionally just to get out of the house. she has done everything from rake to work the ropes when I was climbing a small removal or trim
            She is probably a better worker than me pound for pound.


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              LOL, I do wonder if this is going to be the beginning of bikini lawn care 2012!

              reminds me of the compititon here called something like two girls and a mower i cnnot remember. but both of them are HOT and wear bikini tops and short shorts.

              Dont know how well they cut but I would pay them to come to my house once a week


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                HAHA I've always wondered if she'd get more tips than me doing residential mowing with the customers about. I"ll take her again and snap a pic LOL


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                  I'm sure we all remember:


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