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  • Spam, grrrr

    It's funny how I stopped posting my phone number in online ads, and I haven't been bothered by telemarketers since. Suddenly I put my number in an ad and they all start harassing me.

    this is Pivotal Payments, they are snake oil salesmen operating in the Merchant accounts
    debit/visa/mastercard payment processing industry. They are from Montreal Que,
    the most corrupt and unethical city in North America. Pivotal Payments are a typical chip
    off the metaphorical unethical Quebec Block.

    Do not trust or deal with these thieves.

    This is a privately owned company, Mr. Philp Fayer, the owner of Pivotal payments is previously of
    the online payment scam known as PaySystems Corporation, where he swindled thousands of dollars
    out of hundreds of people/merchants. Mr. Philp Fayer can be reached for coment on his cell at [removedrivate].

    This number is the Pivotal Payments Debt Collections Department. Consisting of Sandra Plescia, Marianne Tawa and Valeris Ruff, along with another bozo named Philp, who use hardcore scare tactics to collect outrageous cancellation fees to the tune of thousands upon thousands of dollars, sometimes amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.
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    You have to use words in your phone number or it will be scraped from the web. like Five 55-one 2 three 4


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      or just make a small .PNG and insert that.


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        Those are both good ideas on how to deal with that.
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